Race prep, wolves and high achievers

15 04 2010

30 days to the Big Race!

Here are the links to the Powerbuilt Motorsport item on KTN’s 2009 campaign, with interviews of Greg Taylor, Andy Booth, Tim Martin and Dean Cockerton:

Just over 2 weeks to when we fly out and the excitement’s definitely building.
Have been practising the circuit on Need For Speed:Shift which has a very good rendering of the Nordschliefe. Pretty ordinary simulator but it’s teaching me the layout of the circuit. Along with watching lap after lap of video of the circuit while working out on the cross-trainer I can now pretty much drive the circuit in my head. The reality I know is very different, but having the general circuit layout memorised should help.
2 of the drivers have just won their respective circuit series championships:
Dave Glasson took out the win in the 3 Sports Car series and Brian McGovern won the Bridgestone NZ Porsche Class A – great leading into the Nurburgring 24 hour with drivers in such excellent form!
Wolves feature prominently in the build up to this event for KTN. Apparently 2 drivers spotted one while walking in the forest around the track last year – claims and counter-claims were made as to whether they were in full charge of their faculties at the time, and this debate still rages. The other drivers rubbished the claim of course, but promptly desisted from venturing into the forest…………..
My own research indicates that wolves are definitely returning to the forests of Germany, although none have been spied in western regions to date (notwithstanding the KTN sighting, which has not been officially logged at the German wolf-watch – if indeed there is such a body!).
I’m sure there will be great enthusiasm for wolf-spotting this year – although bird spotting is also popular I’m sure!
Here’s a suggestion for one of our service vehicles:



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