Lift-off getting closer!

22 04 2010

Only 10 more sleeps to we fly out – and I must say the relief to see planes in the air again is huge!

I was getting VERY concerned that we’d have problems getting into Frankfurt, but looks good at the moment unless that other mountain blows and spews ash into the skies over Europe.

The final major piece has dropped into place – took delivery of my KTN race suit from Chicane yesterday – fits like a glove. Now need to make sure I don’t put on any weight between now and race day!

I can now finally drive the entire track in my head thanks to NFS:Shift on the PS3 and multiple video laps – sat down and drew it out yesterday from memory. Will be fascinating to see how this translates to the real world in 13 days time when Peter Millener and I share a car at the Nordschleife.

Make sure you drop onto KTN’s Facebook page and leave a message: KTN Facebook

TV3 are confirmed to be sending a team to make a documentary of our campaign.

Here’s a great picture of the track which I think is a photo of an old poster – gives a really good perspective of the country in which the track is laid out:

Aerial perspective of track




2 responses

23 04 2010

Wow! Where did you find such an awesome picture? 😉

23 04 2010

Um, er, thanks Jon 😉

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