Hi From Germany!

8 05 2010

Well after 5 days of no internet access have finally been able to put it together! Been really frustrating as there’s so much to post here.

So here goes:

May 2nd Monday

Arrived Frankfurt after 30 hours in plane/airports.

Picked up Ford Focus rental.

Drove in rain to Jammelshofen via Adenau to purchase 2 new SIM cards.

Glimpses of Ring on trip between Adenau and Jammelshofen – after all these years reading about it and driving the computer sims this was a very exciting moment.

Checked into Hotel and met up with Peter Millener, had dinner together.

Crashed to sleep about 9:15PM

May 4th Tuesday

Started day at tourist access point on Nordschleife – private track day running. Wandered around pit area taking photos – amazing collection of hardware, especially Porsches and BMWs. Plenty of Audis, esp R8, TTS, A/S3, S5

Travelled to various points around circuit starting at Brunchen spectator point.

Walked up trackside to top at Hohe Acht and down other side about 200M

First impressions is that the track seems very narrow and the altitude shifts are huge and visibility over brows very difficult. First driving will be a challenge! Covered almost all track on foot from below Hohe Acht to the mini-Karussel.

On to RentRaceCar to check on arrangements tomorrow. Black Porsche Carrera GT in garage and matt-covered black R8 – both stunning cars. The roads are teeming with exotica especially 911s – GT3s and 911turbos everywhere – what recession?

Lunch in Adenau and spectated around the bridge there. Then set sat-nav to take us to Schwedenkreuz. Ended up on rapidly deteriorating bush track in middle of forest and got stuck on steep section. Had to back down very narrow and slippery track to the intersection! Where was quattro when we needed it!

Got back to civilizaton and trekked around to spectate at section of track from pflantzgarten to minikarussel. Again visibility issues and narrowness of the track impressed!

Back to Hotel, met up with two new arrivals, Nick Chester and David Glasson for dinner.




4 responses

8 05 2010

“Hardware” – nice 😉

Pics of castles and German food please!

8 05 2010

AH ja! must feed my non-auto fans 🙂

12 05 2010
sarah and phil

Hiya, just to wish you all the best for the weekend, we’ll be thinking of you……. drive hard and have FUN. xx

12 05 2010

Hi, just to say Weds very different without you, both John and I discussing what you are up to… all the best this weekend and will no doubt hear all about it when you return!! …which is a good thing , not being rude for a change.
take care and have a blast!

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