3rd Driving session completed

16 05 2010

Just finished my 3rd driving session – not sure if I’m out again but possibly as there will be 2 extra sessions.

Well, talk about from the ridiculous to the sublime!

That was absolutely the most thrilling drive ever – grip galore, a track I now know, and a car that handles very similarly to my Type R now that I’m driving it how it should be driven! Ecstatic was the best way to describe how I felt when I pulled my helmet off after that run 🙂

The sun has warmed the track and the tyres are working perfectly – Dunlop D03Gs. Over cook it slightly and the back loosens but responds immediately to a little opposite lock.

The traffic is much more manageable in daylight too.

Currently KTN Civic 243 is leading class N2 followed by KTN Civic 244 (my car), closely chased less than a lap down by a very quick Norwegian Civic.

It’s all on from here on in………….

RS4 update: unfortunately the RS4 was clipped by a faster BMW that didn’t note that 2 cars pulled over to let him through on one of the fastest sections of the track at Scwedencreuz! Cannot be retrieved and they are out 😦




6 responses

16 05 2010

Awesome Greg, well done!

16 05 2010
sarah and phil

Well done Greg, keep us posted honey, gotta go to bed now. All the best for the last few hours and keep us posted !! will check in the morning. remember ……drive hard, drive fast ……and ENJOY!! xx

16 05 2010

Well done Greg, sounds like you have done a brilliant job as usual, damn sure I couldn’t do it!
I will stay awake untill the end!

17 05 2010
John C

Sounds like it was a phenomenal experience and dream finish. Congratulations to you and the team. Amazing!

17 05 2010
Gill and Malc

Hope you are having a well deserved rest and a few beers !
Congratulations on a great achievement!

17 05 2010
sarah and phil

Awesome babe!!! Well done, look forward to reading your next post (after some well earned R ‘n’ R !!! :)) Congrats to all the team. Everyone at work knows your achievement 🙂

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