First driving stint completed successfully

16 05 2010


First session driving in the 24Hour race just now – hardest and scariest driving I’ve ever done, but survived nearly 1hour 45mins out there.

Traffic was intense but obeys rules.

The car is very lively and jumps through big bumps quite a bit – a big sideways yump at full speed near bottom of the foxhole is quite disconcerting!

240KPH at end of big straight under the bridge and down into the last dip is totally exhilerating 🙂

The two Civics were within 10s of each other after 21 laps and 2nd and 3rd respectively in class.

It was intensely exhausting but after a few minutes the feeling of achievement sank in and I felt great.

Still early days in the race but Kiwi Team Nurburgring is off to a fantastic start.

Next stint will be in the night………………




3 responses

16 05 2010

Intense! Go hard for the night drive!

16 05 2010
mark walters

Wow that sounds amazing. Keep up the good work!

16 05 2010

Go Greg! Sounds like you’re having a ball! Keep it up and will check in later.


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