Hello from Amsterdam

13 06 2011

Water and city in harmony

This is a city you could fall in love with.

So vibrant and busy and the merging of canals and streets is amazing.

Amsterdam canal 1

There are bicycles everywhere, they have their own designated lanes and woe betide any pedestrians who try to encroach!

Wandered through a market – very similar to our Farmer’s Market – amazing array of produce including a selection of funghi which were something to behold – hope none are poisonous! Bought some bread and cheese for lunch.

All apparently safe to eat.......

Fresh produce market

Have spent last two days at the conference and caught up with quite a few kiwis there – we do love traveling 🙂

Just to prove I was there!

Just to prove I was there!

Saturday night had a very pleasant evening dinner out with Rob and Penney Cameron and their daughter Mira, and John and Jane Moodie. Tram into city, so many restaurants to choose from. Italian was the order of the day – very good and not outrageously expensive.

Dinner on the canal in a beautiful canal boat last night courtesy of GE. Very interesting talking to the skipper – he’s a retired ship’s captain. He had a heart attack aged 38 on board his ship and was saved by his ship’s doctor. Lucky guy.  The food was excellent and the buildings around the city so full of history. Apparently the houses lining the Gentleman’s canal go for around 13,000,000Euro!

Getting around central Amsterdam is so easy with the excellent tram services.

You wouldn’t want to drive around, in fact there are not a lot of cars driving on the streets. Virtually all are Euros – occasional Toyotas and hardly anything else. Audis everywhere – more numerous than either Merc or BMWs.

Hope everyone is ok back in the Shaky Isles – very shaky I see in Christchurch again! 😦 Poor people there must be going spare.

Jenny is in New York of course at the moment, going to do a presentation at a music conference – good luck Jen!

Looking forward to Lynette arriving on Saturday – assuming that damn Chilean ash cloud doesn’t foul up the airways!

And I must admit my thoughts often turn to the looming race at the Nurburgring………. 🙂




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