A trip to Zandvoort

16 06 2011

Picked the rental car up today – booked a Renault wagon and got given the keys to a Kia. I said thanks but no thanks and ended up with a Merc A160. Gutless and auto – uninspiring to drive, but quiet and good ride with passable stereo. But the quality of the materials in the interior are so bad it pales compared to the offerings from Audi. Might explain why Audis far outnumber Mercs  and especially Beemers on the roads here!

Anyway, this is where I ended up:

Zandvoort Circuit

And this is how someone’s day at the track ended up – lends new meaning to the term Splitting the Atom!!

A split Atom

Atom from Ariel

But this was nice 🙂 :


Caught up with the owner of a Race Car Rentalcompany there with various 3 Series beemers available, from 325s p to some late model M3s. When he mentioned 430Euro for half a day in the basic car, I passed…. (not quite out!)

The track looks fabulous – it’s literally set among the sand dunes on the Atlantic coast with the sea a good stone’s throw away. Some large elevation changes make for an interesting track I suspect – pity I can only suspect it 😦

Must very very hot and dusty on a windy summer’s day there.

Will update on the WW1 battlefield visit tomorrow night – can’t stop yawning right now!




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