KTN All Prepped and Ready to Race!

22 06 2011

We’re all set to ge here at the Nurburgring for the 24 Hour race this weekend.

Only a quick update sorry – it’s been very full on and the internet connection here is rubbish – not typical for Germany, but a function of the fact that our hotel has a rubbish copper-wire connection and my Vodem suffers poor GPRS reception.

The cars arrived on schedule on Monday and we unpacked them today and set up our paddock presence – 2 Marquees in the middle of a sea of other teams.

The event is much bigger this year with 220 entries and a support race for the Porsche Carrera World Cup running in the morning, and there are allegedly expected to be nearly 500,000 spectators this year. The surrounds of the track are already pumping to the music and festivities and we’re over 4 days away from race start – it’s and amazing event to see building over the week leading up to the start.

All the drivers had their registration and equipment checks today. 3 drivers have to buy new helmets because theirs lacked a “critical” sticker despite being compliant in terms of their Snell classification – the Germans can be infuriatingly pedantic and inflexible at times! Apart for that we’re all officially approved to race, which is a great relief considering the time, distance and cost of getting here.

The cars look great and flew through srutineering without a hiccup – and the service teams have got them all ready to race over 24 hours early – these guys really are a well oiled machine, now in their 6th year of this event. Gives you great confidence as a driver knowing you jave that support.

I arrived Sunday and went straight to the track with a hired Scirocco from Rent-race-car.de – wow what a great machine – really enjoyed it. The conditions were butt-clenching at times – my first lap was very wet in parts and the surface was like a skating rink on some corners! Then it dried somewhat for about 4 laps and then the heavens opened again, as they can do up here in the Eifel mountains. Made myself go out for a lap in the downpour in case this happens during the race – very sobering experience I can tell you! Some parts are far more treacherous than any Targa roads I’ve ever driven, and I ‘ve driven heaps of those in very wet conditions. Throw another 218 cars into the mix and it doesn’t bear thinking about. Fortunately the forecast is looking not too bad – patchy Saturday, with a fine Sunday – hope so!

As a bit of a bonus we are sharing a pit box with Hans Stuck and his 2 sons driving their Lamborgini and in fact he was eating at the next table in the restaurant tonight. The place simply oozes motorsport everywhere – the whole regions around the track is focussed on what goes on here and servicing the needs of the track users. It’s their economic life blood. Anyone with even a passing interest in the sport needs to come here at least once, and enthusiasts shoudl see it as an essential homage – the Mecca you need to experience before you die.

Tomorrow I’ve got Drivier Training – consisting of guided laps behind instructor then 90 minutes free track time – will be about 300km on the Nordschleife 🙂 . Following which i’ve got a 700km round trip to go and pick up Lynette from here sister’s just south of Stuttgart – at 160-170kph on long stretches of Autobahn won’t take as long as in NZ 😉 – I feel 10 times safer at that speed here than at 100kph in NZ – really!

I’ll try and drop some pictures into here but may not have a lot of success due to the internet connection – they’ll be low-res for now and I’ll updat ethem later. Maybe.

Hope everythings OK in here!

No doubt where we are

Pigeon Pair

A watchful eye on proceedings

Tyres Tyres Tyres

All carbon Beemer

All carbon Beemer

Message for Sabine

They start 'em Young Here

Willie Moore on the finer points of the Foxhole: Driver's Course

Fans: Not recommended during the Race!

Fans: Beer skittles at the Pflantzgarten

One for the VW fans

Awesone machine: AMG SLS

Stunning R8





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23 06 2011

Happy Birthday Bro!

You sure have a great present!

Lil’ Bro

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