Qualifying done and dusted

24 06 2011

All drivers in KTN completed their 2 qualifying laps without incident last night. In near perfect conditions and on a dry track the drivers set times all within seconds of each other.

For me it was a fabulous experience – so different to the first laps last year which I found very difficult. In fact it was almost as good as the final session last year, so I’m really looking forward to the race!

The traffic is horrendous at times – the fastest cars are incredibly quick and in certain places the gap to our speed is scary as all hell. just after the jump at the top of the hill just after Hatzenbach a Lexus LFA flew through past my drivers door when I would normally have turned in for the next corner – fortunately I had glanced in my mirror and got a flash of “something”! I had not indicated I was staying left and would have been “in the right” if i had turned but………..

It’s incredibly exciting, the atmosphere is vibrant – amazing place to be.

Han Stuck is in our box – talk about a superstar around here. Apparently this is his last race so the media interest is intense.

Lynette got into the thick of it last night too – was one of the timekeepers for our team (for my car actually – but the times ARE accurate 🙂 ). She really enjoyed herself .

Day off today – we don’t need to run the cars in the session today so they are parked up. Off to Koblenz for a gander and a river cruise on the Rhine.

Next stop: RACE DAY Saturday!!!




2 responses

24 06 2011
Matty S

Awesome work! was just listening to Stuck interview live too he sounds like a legend over there.

24 06 2011

man he is!!!

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