RACE DAY: Update 1

25 06 2011

The day dawns overcast and cool.

Forecast for the race is:

Saturday: 60% chance rain during day, 30% (trace only) at night. High 15deg, low 10deg. = possibly damp at times

Sunday: Partly Cloudy. High 26deg, light winds = dry track!!

i.e. about as good as you can expect here in the Eifel mountains at present.

The team is in good spirits, with a quiet day yesterday, and everything is ready. Will be doing practice driver changes today, now that the driving order is sorted.

My car has Brian McGovern doing the race start, Jeff Lowery 2nd, me 3rd and Ali Taylor 4th driver.

That means I’ll be in the car approximately 7:45PM finishing before dark, and again around 3:30AM (full darkness – might be getting light by end of session). Suits me well as I wasn’t keen to be having to deal with sunstrike with a rising or setting sun.

We’re off to the track shortly.

Not sure if I’ll have much chance to update but will try.

I’m confident we’ll do the Kiwi flag proud!




3 responses

25 06 2011

Good luck Greg, Drive fast, stay safe

26 06 2011

All the best, Greggy!

26 06 2011

Hey guys! Good luck and have fun, fun, fun 🙂

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