Nurburgring 24 Hour: Sunday morning

26 06 2011

Have just woken after some much needed sleep after the night drive.

There has been a huge amount of carnage through the night apparently – fortunately not involving KTN.

Both cars continue to circulate with the 248 car some way ahead of my car, 247.

We had some problems in 247, starting with yuors truly running into the armco at Adenauer Forest – the rear stepped out when lifting for the next left hander and I ran onto the grass – fortunately only cosmetic damage, but the impact made me feel certain that some serious damage must have occurred. Not a good feeling 😦

Then there were acoule of other problems that weren’t so serious.

The day has dawned cloudy and cool, but forecast to clear later.

Lynette is still full time time-keeping and has had no sleep, but after a quick freshen up in the bathroom looks fresh as a daisy – of course 🙂 . She’s doing a fantastic job!




One response

27 06 2011
Grant Shirley

Night drive must be huge pressure. Go team INTEGRR. Cheers Grant.S. NZ

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