Nurburgring 24 Hour: Wrap up

27 06 2011

Back at the hotel now and unwinding after a very eventful day again…..

But to cut to the chase:

Kiwi Team Nurburgring has taken 1st and 2nd in class N2 for the 2011 race! Car 248 1st (Hicks, Corbett, Cockerton, Eady) and 247 (McGovern, Spark, Lowery, Taylor)

In the context of the history of KTN this is highly significant: KTN has contested the last 6 24 Hour events, and the two Honda Civics have successfully completed each event over the last 6 years, with multiple podium wins. While I don’t have the information to confirm this, it must be possibly a unique record in the 39 years the event has been held.

At the prize-giving, which is a thouroughly professionally run slick production, as is tradition, the Kiwi team is honoured by being the first on stage to receive the beautiful crystal trophies – identical but smaller for 2nd. There was considerable unwinding…………. 🙂

As predicted the weather picked up as the day wore on and I took my seat in car 247 about 10:30AM. Conditions were perfect. Sun shining, dry track, grip galore. Out onto the track into thick traffic….sheesh, will this ever improve? No! THere’s also stil carnage galore and at least 2 yellow flags situations every lap, often quite long and slow sections.

All was going very well, consistent times, car going well until………….. Just before Brunnchen the steering felt odd and the wheel was off-centre. Turning right off pace due to traffic onto the flat section at Brunnchen the car almost refused to turn and I ended up with the left wheels on he grass. It felt all the world like a puncture. Turning right seemed fine, turning left produced a coarse vibration and severe understeer to the extent that I nearly ran off the track. Limped back to the pits and discovered that a bolt had sheared off one of the suspension supports and the wheel had been wobbling  about a vertical plane! The guys fixed it quickly and a driver change meant my session was shortened by three laps, ending my final driving stint at the Nurburgring for 2011. A slight disappointment in what has been a fantastic experience again.

More details and photos later when i get time and bandwidth!





3 responses

27 06 2011

No surprise! We know how good Kiwis are at punching above their weight.

Congrats all round.

Lil’ Bro

30 06 2011
Sarah and Phil

Well done Greg (and Lynette 🙂 ) look forward to the photos and see you when you get back. congrats from Phil as well 🙂

1 07 2011

Hey, well done! Hope you’re both having fun for the rest of the trip. Tell Lynette I want emails RE: Belgium and Amsterdam etc. 🙂

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