Qualifying completed

19 05 2013


An uneventful final qualifying session today, a great relief after the drama of last night.

Today despite only a couple of hours sleep, the crew are in full flight again fine-tuning aspects of the car – all a bit of a mystery to me!

My session in the car was aimed at finally shifting to left foot braking – a skill I have never acquired and I decided that trying to learn it in the middle if this event was probably not a good idea. However the car really demands it for two reasons – one is the placement of the brake pedal, well to the left and not an easy move from the accelerator, and also the downshifting in the DSG box (specifically modified as a race box) is much better if a little throttle can be applied during the downshift – the pedals are definitely NOT suitable for heel and toeing.

Fortunately I found the left foot braking pretty easy to use and it definitely made the shifting better also – combined with sorting out my shifting patterns – so different driving a car with 450NM of turbo torque compared to my own Honda screamer with no torque to speak of!

Next stop: the 24 Hour, which starts tomorrow at 5PM local time (that’s 3AM NZ)





2 responses

19 05 2013
malc and gill

We wish you well for the event and also good luck !

20 05 2013

Thanks guys 🙂

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