Nurburgring 24 Hour Race 2010

The Nurburgring 24 Hour map

This site is going to be the Blog for my trip to Germany to compete in the ADAC Nurburgring 24Hour race as a driver with Kiwi Team Nurburgring (KTN).

This page is background information, and the Home page will contain the updates as things progress.

The race is scheduled for May 15th-16th 2010.

The home page for KTN can be found here:

Info re the race itself and ticket info here:

There are links to the driver’s profiles, the cars and previous year’s reports and photos plus other info.

KTN’s campaign this year is the 5th since team owner Greg Taylor put the team together and entered the event in 2006. They have enjoyed amazing success with the Honda Civic Type Rs and also last year with an additional car hired from a German company, Gotz Motorsport, an Audi RS4.

Class wins  2006-2008 were followed up with 2nd in both classes for 2009!

This year the team is again running 2 Honda Civic Type Rs, along with the RS4.

I have been incredibly fortunate to secure a drive with the team for 2010!

After 4 years in Targa NZ events i was looking for a new challenge, and after watching a report on the KTN effort in 2009 on Powerbuilt Motorsport, surfed onto the KTN website, clicked on a link that simply said “Driver interest” and sent an email to Greg Taylor, including a brief resume of my experience.

I must admit at the time I felt this would come to nothing – however during Targa Greg contacted me and we got together at Hampton Downs after the event. I drove him for the first time around the new track for a few laps in my Integra race car, after which he invited me to join the team!

My results in Targa and Taranaki Tarmac Rally have factored into their decision, with 2nd in class in Taranaki in 2009 (3rd 2007) followed by class win in Targa NZ, first Honda, and First Index of Performance (Modern) all in the main event in October 2009. Coupled with several other Targa class podium finishes and a 4 year record of completing every stage in every Targa event, the combination of pace and ability to finish events was clearly what they were looking for.

More follows……


14 responses

9 03 2010


Preperation for the event has been intense:

1 – getting fit! The basement elliptical cross-trainer has been dusted off (yes actually!) and while watching lap after lap of the Ring that I’ve downloaded, I’ve been sweating it out to good effect. 2 months more of this and I hope I’ll have the stamina needed……………. each driver runs 3 sessions of 2 hours each – 2 daylight and 1 night.

2 – gain circuit experience: ran in 3 rounds of national tier 2 series SS2000 – . Great experience as there was big disparity in speeds and faster cars passing me in handicap races – perfect preparation for the Ring as we are in one of the slower classes! Our Civics top out at 230-240kph, whereas other classes will be zipping past 40-40kpg faster.
Survived the 3 rounds unscathed.

3 – update pretty much all of my race apparel and helmet. I was due a new helmet and I have splashed out on Arai Touring car full face helmet. It’s been fitted with the necessary comms setup for KTN and I’ve had earplugs custom moulded with in-built speakers. All clothing has to have FIA compliance labels – which seems to up the price considerably!! A new suit in KTN pattern will be made custom made for me (at my expense of course!). this after I’d just purchased a new race suit only about a year ago 😦

4 – booked a rental race car (Golf GTI – with instructor for a full day, and again for a full day 3 days later for practice on the Nordschleife. Fortunately another new driver (Peter Millener) is sharing this with me as it aint cheap!

5 – all airfares booked (departing May 2nd), rental car from Frankfurt for 3 weeeks and accommodation prior to the official team gathering on 10th May at the Wald Hotel, Jammelshofen, 10kms from the track.

9 03 2010

Jon’s coming! – yes my eldest son has been very generously shouted a return airfare by his Mum to accompany me – thanks heaps Gill.

As my wife Lynette can unfortunately not get away from her commitments as a Trainee Intern in her final year of Medical School, I was faced with having to travel alone, so it’s just great to have Jon’s company :).

He’s going to travel on to London and spend time with friends there after I return to NZ on the 23rd.

10 03 2010

Best of luck Greg!

10 03 2010
Julian tordoff

well all of this is very time consuming to do as you know with our aussy trip about an hour at the end off each day other wise the hype of the day is lost as each day will bring new challenges good on you , life is not a rehersal most only get one chance and good on you doing what you are doing have fun with the boys and your son
It definatly is a boys trip any way and you will not have the distraction of what ladys exspect of us when they are around you will be better prepared for the slug ahead and the shear consentration that will be required in each stint .
Look forward to the reports julian

10 03 2010

Take a ride around the Ring in the 24 hour 2009 with Tim Martin in the RS4!

10 03 2010

Good to see you are pretty well sorted, also good to hear you are getting fit finally 🙂
Very jealous of you to be honest, most of us mere mortals dream of driving the ring but you are actually racing it!
However, it is much deserved and a great testament to all your hard work. Good on ya mate. Look forward to hearing all your updates along the way.

Good Luck Dad!!!!! Wave that Kiwi flag with pride.Wish I could be there. Matty

10 03 2010

Hi Greg

best of luck for the big race. i was thinking about your preparation. What about a PS3 with GT 5 prologue? might give you some help…in fact I hear allot of F1 drives load up their Ps3’s the week before the races to get an idea of the track!

10 03 2010

Thanks Arjuna – I didn’t think that the Nordschleife was on GT5 Prologue?

15 03 2010
Julian tordoff

A pitty that spectators have left there statments on the track will make it very slippery when wet so take extra care looks great fun circit Julian Tordoff

16 03 2010
Craig Hughes

Well done Greg. You have come a long way since we first chatted about having a race car while being medics at Rally NZ. I have watched you getting faster and faster as the events went by and all I can say now is what a fantastic opportunity for you, enjoy every second and don’t let the nerves overtake you on the first couple of laps. It goes without saying the medical team are somewhat envious of you.

17 03 2010
Gary Stirling

Hi Greg, I seem to recall a conversation a few years ago and you saying “I might do one of the little Targa’s but I am not wanting to do any big events”
I think your plan has gone off the rails Mate.
All the best of luck to you and just because everyone in NZ is watching you don’t feel pressured ah. Please keep the little people informed

17 03 2010

Thanks for all your expressions of support and advice guys – much appreciated.

The cars are loaded up and on the way to Hamburg now – you can keep track of the latest team developments here:

15 05 2010
Gill and Malc

Thinking of you today and wishing you a fabulous day which you will never forget.We know you will do well and we have our fingers crossed that you have no “technical hitches”.GO SPARKY !

15 05 2010

Thanks guys – we’ll certainly be giving it our best today!

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