Team INTGRR currently is made up by:

Greg Spark – driver and team owner, Hamilton NZ

Derek Batchelor – co-driver

Andrew Johnston – service, Hamilton NZ

Ben Sharp – service, Hamilton NZ

INTGRR – Honda Integra Type R DC2 1996

Our focus is on tarmac events, in particular TARGA New Zealand, but we also participate in other tarmac events such as Taranaki Tarmac Rally and club events.

2012 sees Team INTGRR return to NZ competition, in particular Targa NZ (targa.co.nz), after a break of two years while Greg was competing inthe Nurburgring 24 Hour.

Son Matt has started new employment this year and is getting married in August, so is not travelling from Brisbane to co-drive in 2012. Derek Batchelor has stepped into the co-driving role.

Video from our events can be found here:



4 responses

9 11 2008

hey guys
its andy here from vask and also jesse and pauls number 2 serviceman for targa just found your website and thought i would say gday and offer my services of cheap batteries if you need any :D. feel free to give me a yell on the ph of vask and ill look after ya

andy smith
century batteries

26 04 2010
Steve Catley

Hi Greg, time is drawing ever so much closer so you will be looking forward to the event with much anticipation!. All the best to you Greg and I hope all goes well for the team. Looking forward to catching up after the event, cheers

1 02 2012
Cheyne Beaver

hi greg cheyne beaver here just wondering if you could help me with a contact for matt email or facebook page

7 02 2012

Hi Cheyne – nice to hear from you. Hope you are well. Please send me an email to: audidude@gmail.com and I’ll get your email address to Matty.

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